The Importance of Business Translation



Old and new economies are increasingly entwined. International businesses often face problems with language barriers, making business translation vital.

From composing correspondence that appeals to customers in different regions to striking deals with partners speaking a foreign language, business translation is needed on a daily basis.

Business translation helps when dealing with clients from abroad, and responding to international inquiries and concerns. It’s not always feasible to find talent and get people with the right language skills onboard. That’s where business translation experts and interpreters can help.

Businesses with global operations and influence need a multilingual workforce than can communicate efficiently in several languages. They also need accurate business translation.

Since language is socially constructed, it’s embedded in the local culture. Unless one is a master of the language, understanding the embedded meanings and interpreting the words or the cultural meanings linked to them won’t be possible. For global businesses, language barriers may adversely affect the entire interchange, create problems in customer relations due to communication gaps or miscommunication/misinterpretation, and may even end a relationship with a customer. A failed conversation with a key business partner could be a deal-breaker. Miscommunication with a supplier could have severe strategic or financial implications.